Bagore ki haveli-Museum

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The Haveli

Bagore ki Haveli is a museum under the West Zone Cultural center, Udaipur. The museum shows how the Rulers of Mewar ——————————– lived, their culture, the weapons they used along with the rich history “The Mewar” had! Surprisingly the place have 138 rooms along with Lake Pichola view balconies.

The museum shows a perfect way how history can be preserved in the best way.

Bagore ki haveli History

History of Bagore ki haveliThe haveli was built by Shri Amar chand Badwa where the construction started in the year 1751 and completed in 1778.  After the year 1930 the place was used as a guest house for some esteemed guests of Mewar as it is facing the beautiful Pichola Lake. After the independence of the country in the year 1947 the place was used as a residence for the government officials and the employees. When the building was found unfit for use, it was handed over to the West Zone Cultural Center in 1986. It took 5 years of hard work for the re-innovation of the place to turn it to a museum.


Weaponry is a place at the museum which shows most of the weapons used by the Maharanas in the Battles. The weapons you can see here are Farsa, Arrows(Teer), Push Dagger, Daggar, Bow, Shield, Burach, Chaunch, Leather Skin sheild, Katar, Burach and different types of the categories.

Various types of old guns can be admired here like Muzzle Loaded Gun, Flintlock Guns along with Gun Powder containers. body armor of the warriors can also be seen here.

Different types of locks of different sizes belonging to the period can also be seen here at the Weaponry.

Kala Vithi – The art Gallery

At the Kala Vithi or the art gallery at Bagore ki haveli, you can have a look at various canvas paintings by artists arranged on walls to have a clear view,

Royal Wedding section

The union of two families along with the friend and relatives gathered to share happiness over the wedding rituals is shown in this part of the museum. From the starting of Mourath , deciding the date of the wedding by a Brahmin Pandit, the Haldi Pithi, Barat, Toran  phere,Vidai , Jua Jui (gambling), till the Kunwar Keleva. All the rituals are shown by way of dummies, you can have a clear idea of the Royal wedding rituals of Mewar.

The Puppet Gallery

The puppet Gallery in the museum consists of hundreds of puppets so arranged that they make you feel of a kings leisure time. Along with many other puppets, in the gallery in the center, the kings puppet along with all his officials enjoying the dance of a puppet named gulabo. even the name suits her as per her pink dressing.

Mr. Bhilaram takes care of the puppets and responsible for creating new and managing the existing puppets in which some are even 30 year old. Mr. Bhilaram also teaches how to play the puppets.

The Living style of the Rulers

The Turbans

Along with all the history aspect, from the museum tarries, the view of the lake Pichola is fascinating. The lake Palace hotel is a clear view from the place along with you can see the Gangaur Ghat, and the Lake Pichola hotel from the place.


  • For visiting Museum
    • for adults 55 Rs.
  • For the folk dance show-Dharohar


  • For visiting Museum
  • For the folk dance show-Dharohar

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