Gulab Bagh

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Gulab Bagh – The Rose Garden

The Sajjan Nivas garden popularly known as the Gulab bagh is the biggest garden in the city of Udaipur and has an area of about 100 acres or 40 hectares. The name of the place “Gulab Bagh” is a Hindi name which is due to the abundance rose plants. The word ‘Gulab’ denotes the flower ‘Rose’ and the word ‘Bagh’ means ‘Garden’.

History of the Garden

Maharana Sajjan Singh started the built of this garden in the year of 1878. Now it is the forth oldest zoo in the continent. the zoo lies in the Gulab Bagh area. The initial idea behind this place was to grow plants and trees having medical values for treating diseases.

T.H. Story, a horticulturalist from Madras was appointed for the task in the year 1882. He worked on the 66.5 acres area and provided his services till 1920. The garden is rich of flora and fauna. It also includes a Lotus pool, along with a number of different species of trees like Mango, Lemon,Banana etc. As the garden was developed having an initial idea of medical use, various trees and plants can be found here.

Gulab Bagh For Study

The Rose Garden as a place of botanical use, on all the trees in the year 1882, a name plate was placed which included a Hindi name of the tree, English name of the tree and the botanical name.

The garden also featured a pond having water lily which is now used by water works for their use. Abundance of rose plants can be found in this garden as its name says, and it was also known as Bada Bagh but the name is not used now and rarely you can hear this name.

Museum in Gulab Bagh

A museum known as Victoria museum was constructed in the garden by Maharana Sajjan Singh and now the place is commonly called Saraswati Bhavan library or the Gulab Bagh Liabrary. The construction of the place started on November 2, 1890. Mr. Gauri Ojha was appointed as the curator and he was the first curator for the museum in year 1890. Various rare stone manuscripts can be found here ranging from 3rd Centaury B.C to 17th Centaury A.D

Maharana Fateh singh organized the forest flower and vegetable show in Gulab Bagh in 1888 and then in the cumming years, various other shows were organized. The zoo for initial was used as an entertainment for the royal people as organized fights between wild boars, Lions, and Tigers. Many more animals were shifted to this zoo after India got its independence.

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