Badi Lake Udaipur

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About Badi lake

Badi lake is one of the most loved places of udaipurites. When you want to enjoy peace and nature, you wont find a place better then the Badi Lake. The name Badi is due to the nearby village by its name. This lake and the surrounding area is also a popular place for pre-wedding photoshoot.

It is a fresh water lake and the sources of water are the nearby catchment area. The lake is not so far away form the city still you will find yourself far away from city crowd. You can have a glimpse of the Udaipur city far away between the hills.

Accibility to the lake

Badi lake waterBadi lake is situated almost 7 Km. from the Fateh Sagar lake if you are at Devali end. Vehicle accessibility is easy to the place and parking space is also in ample. This lake is also a choice for cyclists, as you can feel the natural fresh air along with the ambiance. Bicycle is available on rent at Fateh sagar end on chargeable basis if you wish to cycle through Fateh Sagar to Lake badi.

A small garden is developed at the junction point which have a nominal entry fees to be paid along with parking space provided.

Bahubali Hill at Badi lake

This lake also features a hill known as bahubali hill which is most loved among the youngsters for photo-shoot . To visit the top of the hill you will need to go on foot till the top but as soon as you visit the top you will find a view you have never seen.

Recently water works has worked on connecting the lake to the pumping house at Pichola Lake via a pipe line. This will help to support the drinking water needs of the city.



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