Marble Slurry polluting the Madar lake

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Main source of supply for Fateh Sagar Lake

The ChorBavdi Dumping yard in the Gogunda area have created a problem for the heart of Udaipur, the Fateh Sagar Lake. Some of the marble industries are dumping the remains outside the premises, therefore these are affecting the highways and fields. The area is the main catchment area for the Madar lake and this Lake is the main source for the Fateh sagar lake.

therefore there is a possibility of the slurry to reach the Fateh Sagar Lake. The slurry dumped outside is a problem for the localities too. The rainy season is too helping to spread the improperly dumped slurry to nearby areas. The situation is so worse now that the Dumpers coming to dump the slurry are too facing problems now.

either the administration don’t know about it or pretending to don’t know about it.


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