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Shilpgram- The Village

Shilpgram, a craft village located in the west side of Udaipur at about 3 kilometers  near a village known as Havala. This place can be taken as a museum which shows the village life, the traditional things of India. The aim of this place is to let the young generation and the tourists know the tribal, rural lifestyle and culture. This place also helps the artists by way of camps and workshop conducted at Shilpgram. Artists can interact with each other and learn something new and also can learn from the art and craft available there.

Dance show at Shilpgram

Cultural Dance

Cultural show at Shilpgram

At shilpgram you can see the cultural dance show throughout the day. Various group of artists perform cultural dance and music sessions. The artists are well dressed according to the dance they are performing. The show will left you mesmerized with the expressions and art of the dance. You can have a glimpse of the show in the below video.

Shops at the Place

Jute toys Shop

Jute Toys at Shilpgram

Here you will get various hand made type of thinks i.e. decorative and other useful things like Jute toys, hand bags, hand made paintings, nail art, wearable and much more. Clay art is too an attraction of the place that includes wind chimes, wall hangings, lamps, kitchen utensils, god sculptures and a lot of amazing clay stuff. You can also learn basics pottery here  with the experts.


Stone Park

Though there is a dedicated stone park at the place, still you can find stone sculptures throughout the place. Very beautiful stone peaces crafted by the craftsmen from all over the world can be admired here in different shapes and sizes.

Puppet show

Puppets show

Puppet Show

In Mewar or Udaipur, you can enjoy the puppet show at various places like Bagore ki haveli, Bhartiya lok kala mandal, and few other cultural places. Same you can have at Shilpgram at any time of the day. Well decorated puppets will left you mesmerized and the show is entertaining.


Museums at Shilpgram

  • Gol Museum
  • Mati ke rang
  • Kotii Museum


Museums are developed at the place which features the utensils and things of daily use. Mini shops can be found here from where you can buy traditional jeweler and decorative arts.

This place have an open theater where events are conducted and simultaneously 8000 people can be seated in this place. Shilpgram festival is conducted every year from the year 2007 and daily show is conducted in the festival time. The Indian government has decided to make a copy of this place in each state to have a look at the traditional India.

empty shops at shilpgram

Shops waiting for Shilpgram fest.

Shilpgram festival

Shilpgram festival is celebrated in the last 10 days of the year. Various artists and craftsmen form all over the country gather here to show their talent and sell their hand made artistic products. In the Evening, at the auditorium, a cultural show is shown through the fest which is a main attraction for tourists as well as the localities. The empty shops which can be seen else the fair time, are all filled up with interesting wearable, eatables, decorators, ets.

Huts in Shilpgram

Huts are created showing different styles used throughout the country. By visiting this place, you can have a demo of huts and the equipment used by the villagers of India. A few example of Huts you can have a glimpse are :

Apart form huts displayed of different cultures, the place aslo shows a “Devra” which can be seen as a god’s place where the Bhopaji ( village priest) worship the god and bless the villagers.

Activities  at the Place

Along with julas (swings) you can enjoy camel ride at the place. Well decorated camels at the place will make you click a picture along with a soothing ride.

Restaurant at Shilpgram

Shilpgram Dhaba

Restaurant at the place

Restaurant named shilpgram dhaba inside the premises provide you with rajasthani snacks and food. The Famous Rajasthani food Dal Bati churma, different types of Indian breads like missi roti, Bajra Roti, Makki Ki roti  and similar can be enjoyed here.

Timings : 

Fees/Charges: ( As on July 2019)

  • Foreigner 120 Rs.
  • Indian adult 55 Rs.
  • Indian Children ( Age 5-12) 30Rs.
  • Camera Charges 55 Rs.

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